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2019/08/15 15:08
Die & Mould China 2020 (DMC 2020) will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao, Shanghai), covering 4 halls in 2020. Along with a three-decade development, DMC has built
an important platform for technical development and trading of China’s die & mould industry, achieving its international position of an authoritative, professional and comprehensive platform that is recognized in the industry for precise processing, mould manufacturing and forming integrated equipment.
As a major international manufacturing base, China has become a die & mould manufacturing and consumption nation and has established a complete die & mould industry system after 30 years of development. Driven by the demand in global manufacturing market, Chinese mould enterprises have shown the advantages of accelerated product optimization, improved equipment capacity, better industrial coordination capacity, accurate access to downstream industries and further enhancement of comprehensive international competitiveness. In 2018, the output value of China’s die & mould industry exceeded RMB 280 billion, and the consumption value reached RMB 255 billion, shoring up RMB 28 trillion of product forming manufacturing in China. China exported more than USD 6 billion of die & mould products to 201 countries and regions. Through market complementation and mutual benefits, China's mould manufacturing has integrated into the international market! By right of the opportunity that ISTMA World Conference 2020 will be held in China for the first time concurrently, industrial associations from over 20 countries will gather at DMC 2020. Experts, elites, entrepreneurs and technicisms in die & mould industry from countries well developed in manufacturing including Germany, the USA, Japan, Sweden, Swiss, France, Britain, Portugal, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Korea. With the theme “Opening, Reforming and Integrated Developing”, DMC 2020 is going to create a Win-win situation for global die & mould forming, materials, equipment and technology industries.
The International Special Tooling & Machining Association (ISTMA) is an international association representing 20 Special Tooling and Machining Associations throughout the world. Collectively, ISTMA member associations represent over 8,000 companies. China Die and Mould Industry Association (CDMIA for short), as the host, s now actively preparing for the ISTMA World Conference 2020 and corelated international industrial summits, aiming to push the industry integration, technology development and human resource construction of the global die & mould industry. The theme of ISTMA World Conference 2020 is Connectivity, Innovation, Complementation and Win-Win, aiming to promote international cooperation by making full use of industrial complementary resources. DMC 2020, with the linkage of conference, exhibition and network, will also provide the best platform for upstream and downstream industries connected by die & mould to show their power.
DMC 2020 maintain the authority as a leading professional exhibition on precise manufacturing and mould technology.
Under a new wave of technological innovation represented by digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing, technology crossing, highly integrated industrial chain, service-oriented manufacturing, new energy and new materials, China's die & mould industry has ushered in an era of high-quality development in the process of continuous progress and exploration. With the opportunity of global technical sharing brought by ISTMA World Conference 2020, DMC 2020 will focus on intelligent die & mould design, digital die & mould manufacturing technology and informatization management technology, creating a market-based environment for technology integration and collaborative innovation and let die & mould enterprises purchase more precise equipment and more efficient technology to improve their efficiency and products, speeding up the optimization·quality enhancement·cost reduction·efficiency boost of the mould industry. DMC 2020 strives to foster "lean manufacturing equipment and automation and smart manufacturing technology" and "integrated forming and precise mould manufacturing" and form a big platform for display and purchase. Based on higher-end precise processing equipment and more advanced mould manufacturing technology, the exhibits will expand into new fields. The applications of new technologies such as 3D additive manufacturing, laser equipment and robotic automation integration will improve the quality and efficiency of mould manufacturing. DMC 2020 will bring exhibits that focus on reducing manufacturing consumption and costs, improving manufacturing efficiency and mould forming efficiency, to advanced manufacturing equipment and technological software applications.  DMC 2020 has expanded the index for the purchase of equipment and material suppliers in the exhibition publications to better provide diversified services, offer equipment support for mould design and processing solutions of enterprises, and further promote the communication and interaction between mould related industries and equipment industry.
Under the great changes of the world economic pattern, DMC 2020 and ISTMA World Conference 2020 will be held concurrently. To boost the communication in die & mould between China and the world and promote the integration of concentrated regional development and industrial development in China, the die & mould enterprises will be participate in the exhibition by region, facilitating the coordination of equipment resources. The high-quality moulds exhibited by Chinese mould enterprises will provide targeted service for automobile, electronics, packaging and other industries to drive manufacturing optimization. The huge demand of China manufacturing market and the advantage of cost performance of China in global die & mould market made trading and purchasing in DMC keep active. Besides, we also enlarge the B2B directional service to surrounding countries. . DMC2020 will add the contents of forming equipment and technology to the automotive mould section. The demand for automobile lightweight technology and the optimized manufacturing of auto parts provide broader space for the new mould technologies and new applications. Taking advantages of the resources of Auto Shanghai and Shanghai Auto Parts Exhibition, the organizer will get full access to procurement, achieving the win-win of Chinese auto and mould manufacturing.
We sincerely thank you all for your support for Die & Mould China 2020 (DMC2020) and sincerely invite you to attend and visit the exhibition and participate in our activities. Hope to see you at DMC 2020! (Please visit our website, or   
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